Best Electric Skateboard 2018 Update

What is an Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards are simple street boards or longboards that have been fitted with a battery, motors, and a remote control for automatic movement of the skateboard. They can be bought fully assembled or built by the owner. It gives riders the ability to travel at speeds that can reach 25 miles per hour or higher, depending on the model and terrain that the board is being operated on.

Riders can also move easily up hills and even apply brakes when speed should be reduced. The batteries are rechargeable and typically rely on lithium ion. This makes electric skateboards a great option for beginners who are just learning how to skate but wish to pace themselves until they are comfortable with manual operation. The components of electric skateboards, while simple, are important for potential buyers to familiarize for a better understanding of what they should expect the board to accomplish for them, and the settings in which they can be used.

Small lithium ion batteries are cheap to produce and light in size and weight, making them ideal for smaller forms of transportation. Some electric skateboards contain more batteries than what is needed to aid riders who wish to use the boards for extensive travel or everyday commuting purposes. Speeds are determined by the battery’s current and voltage levels that are distributed to the wheels. The ability for the board to speed up hills is also dependent on the battery. The motor is usually located close to the axle, which, similar to a car’s engine, uses a belt that is connected to the wheels. Other models may feature motors inside the wheels themselves.

Why Electric Skateboards?

There are numerous reasons that give electric skateboards a clear advantage over manual boarding. They also have other benefits which that prove useful for the following:

• Saving money. Driving to and from work, even for short commutes, will inevitably bring in costs on fuel and other necessary items that are needed for the upkeep of an automobile. Using an electric skateboard can reduce these costs to levels lower than half of the price that it would normally have taken if the car was used for short drives on a daily basis. If the ride is not dependent on using a highway to arrive at a destination, electric skateboards are recommended to the same degree as riding a bicycle.

• Time saver. Traditional skateboards, while useful, simply cannot accelerate as fast as their automatic counterparts. They weigh on average about two pounds, with most skaters averaging at around 150 pounds in body weight. This means that skaters can be 75 times the standard weight of the board or higher. With electric boards, there is less reliance on shifting body weight during turns and pushes. Additionally, riders will never tire out from pushing uphill since the electric skateboard’s mechanism can move up inclines without the need for skaters to move their feet off the board at all.

• Easy to control. Since electric boards feature a handheld remote (with some requiring one or two hands for steering), quick and swift actions take place with relative ease, particularly when sudden brakes are needed when riding in traffic. Simple automatic controls can help beginning riders develop confidence and skill for more demanding manual skateboards.

What to Look for in an Electric Skateboard

One of the most critical aspects when choosing an electric skateboard is the range in which it can travel. Many of the boards have a range of about 10 to 15 miles before the battery must be recharged. Since electric boards tend to be heavier than normal skateboards, they require the use of either one or both hands, as stated previously. The heavier varieties most often require two hands for carrying. Speed is another factor. If punctuality during the rider’s travels is important, boards that have a lower than average speed maximum may cause delays.

The board’s motor is another component that is not to be taken for granted. Motors with higher outputs tend to deliver better horsepower and acceleration speeds. Places that typically have more hills and slopes will need more powerful boards in order for the rider to avoid fast battery drainage. As far as costs, electric boards are more expensive than ordinary skateboards. The upkeep of the board will require additional repairing expenses to ensure that its sensitive parts do not damage and become unusable overtime.

The Best Electric Skateboards

Boosted Dual Electric Skateboard, 2nd Generation

Best Electric Skateboard 2018 Update


• USB port available on board to install headlights, tail lights, or charge smartphones

• Better speed and brake over its predecessor


• Short battery life lasts only 7 miles before recharging is needed

Boosted began manufacturing this lineup of electric skateboards in 2012. This is the second generation of its previous version that was released. As with most boards of this category, it is controlled with a handheld remote and can go up to 22 miles per hour. The motor, which is battery powered, lets the user quickly move up hills with little effort. It performs remarkably well when speeds are to be maintained during travel down inclines. Additionally, the rider can track their mileage with downloadable smartphone content.

Key Features:

• Water resistant when cruising over small puddles

• Interchangeable parts make modifications and additional installation a simple task


• Lithium Ion

• 40 volts, 99 watt hours,

• Standard Range (6-7 miles per hour)

Top Speed: 22 miles per hour

Board Length: 38 inches

Board Weight: 15 pounds

Board Weight Capacity: 200 pounds

Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard 2018 Update


• Quick charging time (1 hour 30 minutes)

• Climbs up hills fast

• Can be taken on airplanes (checked or carry-on luggage is dependent on the airline carrier)


• Slow acceleration

• Battery life not as high as expected

The Inboard M1 Premium Electronic Board has motors located inside of the wheels and a battery that can be easily changed. LED lights make this board ideal for riding in overcast weather conditions. There are no belts or gears within the body of the motor itself, making annoying (and costly) belt changes irrelevant. One feature of the M1 that stands out is the grip stick of the board. It is extremely strong and very effective in preventing unwanted sliding and foot detachment from the board.

If daily commutes to work or normal rides are anticipated from users, the M1 should rank high on the list for boards that will last and travel a sizable distance in between transit with slightly above average battery life.

Key Features:

• Built-in LED lights

• Four unique riding modes for beginners and professionals


• Lithium Ion

• 43.2 volts, 97 watt hours,

• Standard Range (6-7 miles per hour)

Board Length: 37.5 inches

Top Speed: 22-24 miles per hour

Board Weight: 14.5 pounds

Board Weight Capacity: 151 pounds

Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT All-Terrain Electric Longboard Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard 2018 Update


• High rate of speed

• Can be used on concrete, asphalt, short grass, dirt, and uneven surfaces


• Long charging times (4-5 hours total)

Evolve Skateboards is known in the electric skateboard world for having top-of-the-line performance and durability. The style of this model was designed to replicate the appearance and agility of a Formula One race car. Having built in electronics and an LCD screen on the remote control, the Carbon GT sits low but easily moves under a variety of road conditions, whether on natural ground or smooth pavement. Riders will be able to take this board long distances since the maximum range is 31 miles, one of the highest in all electric skateboards.

The Carbon GT also features four distinct speeds that will suit a rider’s experience with operating electric skateboards. Slow Mode allows for easy control and turns, Eco Mode will make the ride relaxing and is suitable for long range travel. Fast and GT modes are useful when making drives up inclines and hills. With all of its stellar features and high acceleration, Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT is one of the best electric boards on the market.

Key Features:

• Carbon fiber deck

• Digital LCD screen remote

• Combined motor strength totals 3000 watts in power

Top Speed: 22-26 miles per hour


• Lithium Ion

• 36 volts, 97 watt hours,

• Long range (31 miles)

Longboard Length: 40 inches

Board Weight: 17 pounds

Board Weight Capacity: 220 pounds

Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard 2018 Update


• 18 mile range

• Great steering

• Can be controlled with a smartphone


• Top speed slightly lower than its competitors

• 3-5 hour battery charging time

Although the E-Go2 is similar in specifications to the older model, the board design has had some noticeable alterations. The new design is better suited for cruising. Colors come in blue, pink, and green. It also boosts a 400-watt motor with a maximum speed of around 12 miles per hour, making it an overall good choice for any skater that seeks a higher than average quality electric board that retails at a respectable price range.

Key Features:

• New and improved design

• Suited for everyday use

• 10 percent maximum hill incline

Top Speed: 12.5 miles per hour


• Lithium Ion

• 29 volts, 202 watt hours

• Medium to long range (18 miles)

Longboard Length: 42 inches

Board Weight: 13.9 pounds

Board Weight Capacity: 220 pounds

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