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Steve Maxwell’s Diet – What Steve Eats, with Pictures


Steve Maxwell’s Diet – What Steve Eats, with Pictures

Like a lot of people, I’m amazed at the vibrant health of Steve Maxwell. At 61 years of age he’s in better shape than most 40 year olds, and he does this whilst travelling constantly and without frequenting a gym! It’s incredible.

Seeing him in such good health makes you want to emulate it. In this post we’ll look at the details of the Steve Maxwell diet.

Steve Maxwell Diet - Chicken and Salad Boxes at Wholefoods

Chicken and Salad Boxes at Wholefoods

Steve lives a very minimalist lifestyle. He travels the world running seminars, and only carries what he can fit in his 45L carry on on. His bag is a Thomas Binh Aeronaut. Inside he packs clothes, barefoot shoes (currently he likes Vivobarefoot) and one or two gadgets. Including his trusty Fitbit, his Monkii Bars for bodyweight training and an iPad Air 2 from which he does Skype coaching. Just as Steve travels like a minimalist, he eats like one too.

Steve eats 3 meals per day:

  • A fruit based meal, sometimes with yogurt.
  • A mostly raw vegetable based meal. This is often combined with a protein source such as chicken or turkey.
  • And a starch based meal

If he wants to lean out, he subs another veg meal for the starch meal.

A sample day can look like:
Breakfast: Berries and yogurt
Lunch: Sweet potatoes
Dinner: Cobb salad

Why does he eat this way?

  • He bases this approach off the Gracie Diet – who ate using food combining principles. It’s worth pointing out that Steve is close friends with members of the Gracie family and learnt about their diet first hand, rather than reading their book!
  • He believes strongly in not over burdening the digestive system, and part of the idea with food combining is that your body can’t digest certain foods efficiently when they’re combined
  • He believes that toxicity is the reason for a large number of human ailments. This is based off the work of J H Tilden, who wrote Toxemia Explained (link to free PDF or phyiscal book) in 1926. Steve also uses fasting to avoid the issue of toxic build up.
  • He also says its very difficult to overeat when practicing food combining. Part of the reason being that our taste buds don’t get over stimulated.

Steve also touches on his approach to diet in some of his podcast interviews:

He also semi-recently (March 2013) wrote a piece on ‘How To Eat For Increased Muscle Mass‘, where he touches on his dietary principles.

Below are some example meals of Steve’s meals (via his Instagram):

Steve Maxwell Diet - Yogurt w: Chia & Fresh Fruit

Yogurt w: Chia & Fresh Fruit

Steve Maxwell Diet - Wild goat, Okra & Lettuce Salad

Wild goat, Okra & Lettuce Salad

Steve Maxwell Diet - Wholefoods Salad

Wholefoods Salad

Steve Maxwell Diet - Turkey, Gravey & Creamed Spinach

Turkey, Gravey & Creamed Spinach

Steve Maxwell Diet - Turkey & Salad

Turkey & Salad

Steve Maxwell Diet - Salad w: Eggs

Salad w: Eggs

Steve Maxwell Diet - Salad & Eggs

Salad & Eggs

Steve Maxwell Diet - Omelet, Stewed Okra, Cabbage Salad

Omelet, Stewed Okra, Cabbage Salad

Steve Maxwell Diet - Fruit Salad & Yogurt

Fruit Salad & Yogurt

Steve Maxwell Diet - Fruit and Yogurt

Fruit and Yogurt

Steve Maxwell Diet - Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad

Steve Maxwell Diet - Chicken and Salad Boxes at Wholefoods

Chicken and Salad Boxes at Wholefoods

Steak with Vegetable Sides

Fruit Salad & Yogurt

Seaweed Snack

Eggs, bacon and salad


It’s worth noting that Steve hasn’t always ate this way. He has experimented as much as anyone when it comes to diet. A post on his old blog, from 2008, notes that he tried:

  • Lacto-ovo vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Raw-food vegan and macrobiotic
  • Arnold Erhet’s Mucusless Diet System (book link)
  • Herbert Shelton’s Food Combining system (book link)
  • The Hunza diet
  • Paavo Airola’s diet system
  • The Gracie diet
  • Ori Hoffmeklar’s Warrior Diet
  • The Atkins diet (book link)
  • Dr. Ellis’ Diet Solution

Before he finally settled on a relatively low carbohydrate diet which leaves him feeling in optimal health.

If you can contribute further information on the ins and outs of Steve’s diet let me know in the comments or via email.



  1. Javier Alejandro Rodriguez Mel

    February 22, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    Hi John, My own research led me to the conclusion that Steve takes many elements of HAY Diet. See the books: The Hay Diet Made Easy and Get Well with the Hay Diet both written by Jackie Habgood.

    • John

      February 10, 2017 at 2:28 am

      Thanks for the book recommendations Javier. The Hay Diet is based on food combining principles, so definitely fits with the way Steve likes to eat.

  2. R. Vox

    February 3, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Do anyone knows, which meal of the 3 Steve Maxwell eats after Workout / Training.

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